Sell & Trade


We are always looking for quality vintage and rare guitars to add to our collection.
Do you have a guitar or maybe a whole collection for sale or maybe looking for a trade?
Send us pictures and all the info you have and if it feels good for both parties we will probably come to a good and above all a fair deal!

The brands we are mainly looking for:


*Gibson *Amistar *Dobro *National *Fender *Regal *Harmony *Continental *Silvertone *Leewald *Epiphone *Guild *Martin *Stella *Santa Cruz *Kay *Valco *Kalamazoo *Recording King *Kay Kraft *Old Krafstman *Oahu


Where are NOT looking for (with al respect):

*Non vintage low end guitars *Rock/metal guitars *Made in Far East (except Japan)

Feel free to ask!