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Gottfried David Gfrerer - Master of the Polychrome

Gottfried David Gfrerer is widely regarded as one of the best slide guitarists in Europe. His distinctive sound brings together archaic elements and virtuosic mastery, mixing roots music from the US and Europe with modern trends. When he’s not writing unique songs Gottfried also builds his own resonator guitars.

His trademark guitar sound, also known as ‘Gfrerer sound’ in the music scene, has brought him success in Austria and abroad, as well as an invitation to teach at the London Music School. Despite, or because of, his broad spectrum of styles and unmistakable way of playing, Gottfried’s songs form a diverse whole that is a must-hear for music lovers.

Resonator slide virtuoso MICHAEL MESSER!

Michael Messer is a virtuoso slide guitarist, singer, songwriter and roots & blues innovator.  

"The quality of the playing is exceptional – they are both masters at their crafts – and the end result is an album of many highs and no lows. The music just flows easily." -

"The varied, mesmerising rhythms of the music are matched by verses which obviously borrow a poetic ethos and world-worn approach from the likes of JJ Cale, Bob Dylan and blues masters past" -

"Easy, flowing currents of melody tumble through ‘Mostly We Drive’ from gifted songwriting duo Michael Messer and Chaz Jankel. Throughout the song, the rhythms of resonator guitar and the sumptuous, slipping, sliding notes are absolutely gorgeous from two great artists who combine many years of songwriting experience and precision playing to create a fresh, new bluesy sound.  Michael Messer’s thoughtful lyrics are striking: “One day we die, the rest we’re alive,” and all the songs from the duo will have you seeking adventure and life" - Andrew Frolish - Americana-UK

"Michael Messer & Chaz Jankel have brought us a wonderful folky acoustic rock track that carries an impeccable groove and swings to it with his latest offering “Mostly We Drive”. You can’t help but nod your head and sway to the beat of this track as its tempo and rhythm are classic folk country rock. The vocal performance is grounded and full of expression leading to an infectious literning experience that makes you feel like you can’t get enough of this track. I loved listening to “Mostly We Drive” and so will you, so go check it out and add it to your playlists today!" - Lost In The Manor

"Palm Trees, Senoritas... and Rocket Ships"

Het absolute "must have" boek van Mark Makin

Alles over National, Dobro, Supro, Valco en O.M.I.

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Online Guitar lessons!


Guitar lessons based on The Blues!

For beginners and advanced players who want to learn traditional blues guitar, bottleneck/slide, electric lead etc. Blues can be also used as a solid base for other styles.

I’m giving my students the oppertunity to take online lessons by offering Skype lessons. So no matter where you live, these Skype lessons give you the opportunity to learn to play blues guitar from your own environment.


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4 Lessons (1 hour)


4 Lessons (1 hour)


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