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National Style 0 - 1930    €5500,-

National Reso-Phonic Rubbed steel tricone lefty - 2011     €2395,-

Kalamazoo (Gibson) KG-32 - 1938     €2395,-

Regal (Dobro) Model 19 - 1930's    €1695,-

National Reso-Phonic RAW Brass - 2021     €2495,-

Leewald Black Gator - NEW!     €2299,-

Gottfried David Gfrerer - Master of the Polychrome

Gottfried David Gfrerer is widely regarded as one of the best slide guitarists in Europe. His distinctive sound brings together archaic elements and virtuosic mastery, mixing roots music from the US and Europe with modern trends. When he’s not writing unique songs Gottfried also builds his own resonator guitars.

His trademark guitar sound, also known as ‘Gfrerer sound’ in the music scene, has brought him success in Austria and abroad, as well as an invitation to teach at the London Music School. Despite, or because of, his broad spectrum of styles and unmistakable way of playing, Gottfried’s songs form a diverse whole that is a must-hear for music lovers.

In this months newsletter: Max De Bernardi & Veronica Sbergia


Veronica Sbergia & Max De Bernardi passionately play country blues and ragtime, hokum, jug band and rural music from the 20’s and 30’s.

An irresistible blend of blues, ragtime, vaudeville music and hillbilly music, played using strictly acoustic instruments such ukuleles, washboard, kazoo, double bass and guitars. They love entertaining the audience and keeping this precious musical heritage alive, faithfully reproducing its original sound whilst playing it with a modern twist. With The Red Wine Serenaders they won the European Blues Challenge, held in Toulouse (FR) in 2013 and were selected in January 2015 representing Italy for the International Blues Challenge in Memphis (TN).

They continue to play and record their music, traveling and touring everywhere the music will lead them.

"Palm Trees, Senoritas... and Rocket Ships"

Het absolute "must have" boek van Mark Makin

Alles over National, Dobro, Supro, Valco en O.M.I.

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